Diving Into The Deep

Leading Edge Pharms, Inc., provides topical pain relief and skin care solutions through its consumer products division, LENCURA™. The CANNAVERA™ product line is currently available via physicians, practitioners, therapists, health and beauty service professionals, as well as many pharmacies and other retail outlets across the United States and via our website https://lencura.com. Our remedies are helping people and there is no shortage of positive feedback. The company’s research has been focused on all-natural topical skin treatments and has yielded a multitude of remarkable discoveries. CANNAVERA, with Silvidiol™, is Leading Edge’s most notable contribution to modern pain management and skin care solutions.

Leading Edge Pharms prides itself on offering products that are based on proven science and actual customer success. We hold firm to our belief in sustainable, honest and accountable practices in our production process. Our constant efforts have helped us seek out new ways to educate our customers about their pain and skin conditions, the benefits of natural ingredients and the importance of safe treatments.

Our manufacturing team has conducted over 40 years of on-site research studying the effects of natural botanical medicines. This expertise in the centuries old studies of herbalism and aromatherapy, combined with the latest in health and skin care innovations, has expanded our repertoire of ingredients beyond that of most manufacturers, allowing for a plethora of combinations to target specific skin issues. It is through this vast experience and a well-defined vision of a better, healthier way to manage pain, we have created a trusted line of products that simply work.

Research and Studies

Through extensive scientific research of clinical trials, anecdotal evidence and case studies, our Research and Development team has gathered compelling evidence to support our all-natural, topical approach. Studies have shown many active and inactive ingredients in our products to have a positive effect in the areas of pain relief, inflammation reduction, firmness, hydration, and elasticity of the skin. Through case studies, we have proven the clinical efficacy of our products and methods, providing clients and customers with formulas that provide real results.

  • Data Driven

  • Results Orientated

  • Research Led

Green Philosophy

We are passionately committed to using environmentally responsible resources and manufacturing methods that support nature’s well-being. This includes:

  • use of natural, re-growable ingredients from renewable resources (organic whenever possible)

  • no use of parabens

  • no animal testing or use of animal by-products.

  • recycling, reusing and reducing waste

  • use of the latest green energy systems for water and energy efficiency

“People who have known me for decades began commenting to me that I look as though there is a glow about me and something is definitely different.”

“What got me so excited and almost addicted to applying the ointment was that I saw immediate results as I massaged the area for one to three minutes, I could see the spider veins disappear, only momentarily initially, but it made me think there was hope.”

“I call this ointment my miracle cream… a beauty treatment that heals from the inside out…I love that this skin care product is made of natural ingredients.”

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The company’s research has been focused on all-natural topical skin treatments and has yielded a multitude of remarkable discoveries. CANNAVERA™, with Silvidiol™, is Leading Edge’s most notable contribution to modern pain management and skin care solutions.

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