Who we are…

Leading Edge is a specialty biotechnology company focused on providing cannabinoids and novel drug delivery systems that address unmet consumer healthcare needs.

What we do…

We combine legislative and regulatory advocacy, collaborative clinical research and comprehensive commercialization capabilities with today’s most aggressive legal strategies and  advanced science, business and data technologies to make real advances in product delivery possible.

When we do it…

Leading Edge was created in April of 2016, after three years of research and development efforts to create our first proprietary Plant Based Compound (PBC) Silvidiol®, and our first novel topical delivery system Silvasomes™. Since inception, we have worked daily to bring forward innovative cannabinoid products that make a positive difference in the lives of patients and consumers.

Where we do it…

The Leading Edge Corporate Headquarters is in Henderson, Nevada, but our efforts are conducted literally around the word. The leadership team members are IT and communications experts with real-world global experience in the design, implementation and management of the critical logistics required to support such a diverse and mobile team environment that is capable of the exponential growth we imagine for Leading Edge. The best minds and most passionate colleagues we seek are found globally, so that’s where we go to build our company.

Why we do it…

All stakeholders at Leading Edge are motivated by the genuine desire to make a positive and meaningful difference in the lives of patients and consumers that suffer in pain from challenging health conditions. All of our actions and decisions tie back to this most important and simple fact.

How we do it…

The answer is simple. Our efforts are guided by several fundamental principles. At all times we strive to be:

  • customer driven….. customers motivate everything we do
  • passionate…………..  we are here to change lives
  • innovative…………… we challenge ourselves to find new and better approaches
  • collaborative……….. we accomplish more through working together
  • accountable………… we take responsibility and deliver on our commitments
  • integrity……………… we are fair, honest, and ethical
  • excellence…………… we strive to work to the highest standards

By continuing to live these values, we believe we can fulfill our mission to be a leader in affordable non-prescription cannabinoid medicines, developing and providing patient and consumer products which address clear unmet needs.