Leading Edge Pharms will help take your product from conception to distribution, here’s how.

Concept Development

Do you have a CBD concept, but lack the resources and connections to take it to the next level? Our experienced team can work with you to get there. We’ll help you create a plan that will get your product ready for market success. We have experience in developing financing, creating marketing plans, navigating legal waters, conceptualizing IP and more. Together, we can improve the CBD industry, and bring this important category into the mainstream.

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Clinical Research

With the number of new CBD products emerging, a key differentiator between serious and opportunistic products is clinical research. We can offer access to contract research organizations (CRO), helping to support development of your product with the clinical backing required to bring quality products to CBD consumers.

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IP Development

A company must control intellectual property (IP) in order to ensure the long-term health of the business. If you have potential IP you wish to develop, we can help legally establish the IP as proprietary.  Optionally, we can help improve it by licensing our own proprietary formulations and delivery technology that is proven to help CBD reach the points in the body where it is needed.

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Once we help you to fully develop a product concept, matched with a compelling value proposition, we then help you to correctly document and established proprietary rights to Intellectual Property (IP). It is important to understand how to manufacture and merchandise your products for the commercial retail and the consumer markets. CBD-based finished good businesses must ensure that the various ingredients in their product are chemically stable and packaging adequately protects content from common environmental conditions that could lead to degradation of the CBD. There is an evolving art to labeling/packaging which is essential to successfully balance regulatory compliance, industry standards and consumer expectations.

We will work with you to ensure that distributors and wholesalers are educated on the quality of ingredients and methods of manufacturing by documenting production in our FDA-registered and CGMP-certified facilities. Best of all, by manufacturing your products in our facilities, you can also expect to see a sizeable decrease in your production costs from taking benefit of our centralized purchasing and production economies of scale.

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Sales and Distribution

Once your product is ready to go, we have three established sales channels to help you get your products out to the market: online, wholesale and consumer direct. Online, we have an established ecommerce platform that will allow you to connect directly with buyers. We also have an experienced sales team with both wholesale and consumer direct experience. The fulfillment and distribution team will ensure that all orders are fulfilled in a timely manner. We can also help advise and navigate any legal questions that might come up as part of both intrastate and interstate commerce. These capabilities will help you reach potential buyers no matter who or where they are.

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