Vultiva Logo

Leading Edge Pharms expands into women’s care products with the launch of a product range under a new brand called VULTIVA™.

VULTIVA™ Oil is an intimate massage oil made with CBD from Cannabis sativa L (hemp) and other organic botanical oils. This blend is formulated for women to enhance tactile sensation and decrease vaginal dryness, irritation and discomfort.

VULTIVA™ Crème is a vaginal moisturizer made with CBD from Cannabis sativa L (hemp), Aloe Vera and other natural ingredients. This blend is formulated to provide continuous daily relief from vaginal dryness, irritation and discomfort of the vulva area. Irritation or damage to nerves surrounding the vulva has been cited as one of the leading factors contributing to Vulvar vestibulitis.

All VULTIVA™ products utilize Leading Edge’s proprietary Silvasomes™ delivery system based on an oil in aloe liposomal nano technology that provides for the slow  and steady release of soothing ingredients throughout the targeted layers of the vulva skin tissue and are Estrogen Free.

The VULTIVA™ line will be sold beginning in Q4/2021 on our website